Mr H Marco Rojo 190/8 Red Brahman Sire

Mr H Marco Rojo 190/8

Dam: Lady H Maggie Rojo 777/5
ABBA No. 970714

Dive into the legacy of excellence with Mr H Marco Rojo 190/8, a rising star among our esteemed red sires. This young and popular bull has not only made a mark in the show ring with numerous division wins, including a championship at the International Show, but also carries a pedigree steeped in proven genetics. Son of the illustrious Mr H Oxford Rojo 604/4, a seasoned champion, Marco inherits the strength of lineage that has defined our program and the breed.

Beyond his show ring triumphs and esteemed pedigree, Marco Rojo 190/8 stands out for charting positive in ALL traditional traits, including Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, and Milking Ability. His powerful build and breed-leading pedigree make him a standout choice for breeders seeking excellence in their herds. Moreover, the first calves sired by Marco have exceeded expectations, foreshadowing a legacy of continued success. Embrace the future of your herd with Mr H Marco Rojo 190/8 – where success is not just a trait, but a tradition.

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