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Established in 1998, HERITAGE CATTLE COMPANY is owned by Judd Cullers and family. We are committed to providing ‘The New Standard’ Brahmans and service, while building personal relationships with our clients.
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Heritage Cattle 2024 Herd Guide

Heritage Cattle 2024 Herd Guide- Spanish

Herd Sires

The New Standard in Brahman Bulls

Champion Bred, Economically Efficient, Beef Type Bulls

Heritage Cattle Company's Brahman Bulls are renowned for their economically efficient traits, combining cost-effectiveness with superior champion breeding. These beef-type Brahman bulls exemplify a winning combination of economic viability and champion lineage, making them a sought-after choice in the cattle industry.
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The new standard In Brahman Females

Pretty and Power, Structurally Sound, Maternal Abiltiy

Heritage Cattle Company's Brahman Females embody a harmonious blend of beauty and strength, setting a new benchmark for the breed. With an emphasis on breed character, these Brahman Females redefine the standard in both elegance and power.
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Heritage Cattle Champions

Quietly leading, Champion Mindset

Heritage cattle Consulting 

Providing in Depth knowledge of cattle Worldwide

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