ABBA No. 861536

Birth Date: September 29, 2006

Semen Available

Semen is currently available for purchase

Arrow J Millionaire 503
Arrow J Millmarone 925
Budd's Miss Mayro 84/3/4
Sire: +Mr. 3H X-Ray 825
+HK Mr. America 435/2
+Miss 3H 290
Z-Bar Brazos Queen 890
+Mr. HCC 740/7
Mr. HCC 15/0
+Ms L&A Millionaires 55
Dam: +Lady H Ms Especial 475
VL Rojo Tinto 3/80
+Miss 3-S Kelli 848
Miss HCC 148/2

Mr H Majestic 51/6 can be used in your breeding program to increase frame size, bone and length, as well as adding breed character.

  • 2009 National Reserve Grand Champion Bull
  • Sire of 2015 Colombia National Champion Cow