Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7 Red Brahman Sire

+Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7

Sire: Mr Fit Deacon del Rey 195/4
Dam: 3X-HK Ms Blueprint 158
ABBA No. 958640

In 2018, +Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7 emerged as the International Grand Champion Red Bull as a calf, a testament to his exceptional qualities recognized by esteemed judges in the industry. Bubba's practical build, characterized by a moderate frame, heavy structure, substantial body, thick hind quarter, and an overall attractive package, secured his championship status.

Noteworthy is Bubba's distinction as a sire, with his first calves consistently earning champion titles around the world, underscoring their inherent superiority. Breeders seeking outcross genetics will find value in Bubba, as he is unrelated to many of today's popular lines. His pedigree, a combination of foundational genetics from HK Cattle & 3X Ranch, adds a layer of distinction to his lineage.

For progressive breeders seeking a balance of powerful phenotype and an outcross pedigree, Bubba delivers. Beyond aesthetics, Bubba demonstrates the ability to produce low birth weight and rapid-growing offspring. Moreover, his Milk EPD suggests that his daughters are poised to be heavy milkers, enhancing the overall productivity of breeding programs.

As +Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7 continues to make his mark, time will reveal the potential for this exceptional bull to become a legendary sire. His combination of traits, from practical build to genetic diversity, positions Bubba as a valuable asset for breeders aspiring to elevate their programs to new heights.

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Daughter of +Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7

Mr H Maverick Rojo 314-9 Son of Bubba 66-7

Son of +Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7


Daughter of +Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7


Mr H Bubba Rojo 66/7
2018 International Grand Champion Red Brahman Bull