At Heritage Cattle Company we have built a strong Red Brahman donor herd made up quality genetics from Santa Elena Ranch and HK Ranch.  If you would like to see our donors, please Contact Us. We always love to hear from our customers, and we will be glad to help you in any way that we can.

Lady H Louisa Rojo 606/4

ABBA No. 934312

Lady H Louisa Manso 606/4 Red Brahman Donor
VL Rojo Bravo 2/28
+VL Rojo Bravo 6/125
VL Elena 4/75
Sire: VL Rojo Elegante 80/2
+Sophisticated Millionair
+VL Elena 3/140
VL Elena 86/7
+HK Mr. America 61/9
+Sophisticated Millionair
3X Sophisticated Lady
Dam: +VL Elena 60/2
VL Rojo Bravo 72/7
+VL Elena 4/135
VL Elena 9/151

+Lady H Amy 733

ABBA No. 838527

+Lady H Amy 733 Red Brahman Donor
+Sophisticated Millionair
Mr. 3X Red Dynasty 75
Miss 3X Gaucho 75
Sire: +HK Passport
+HK Mr. America 61/9
HK Millionairis 359/2
HK Miss America 246/1
Mr 3X "Look Out"
BB Mr. Goldberg 120/7
BB Ms Rio Torgson 16/2
Dam: +Lady H Charo 302
VL Rojo Tinto 3/80
+Miss 3-S Kelli 848
Miss HCC 148/2

+Lady H Trisha Rojo 61/9

ABBA No. 882902

+Lady H Trisha Rojo 61/9 Red Brahman Donor
Arrow J Millmarone
+Mr. 3H X-Ray 825
+Miss 3H 290
Sire: +Mr H Red Rhino 765
VL Rojo Tinto 3/80
+Miss 3-S Kelli 848
Miss HCC 148/2
+Mr. HCC 740/7
+Mr. HCC 10/0
+Ms L&A Millionaires 55
Dam: +Lady H Jazz 281
+Mr 3X He's Got the Look
+Dream Girl "Jasmin" 132
+5M Lady Cherokee 65

Lady H Aggie Rojo 902/6

ABBA No. 949870

Heritage Red Brahman Donors - Lady H Aggi Rojo 902/6
+HK Passport
+Mr Winchester Magnum 999
+5M Miss Magnum Molly
Sire: +TJK Mr. Smokin Gun
JJ West Didor 435
+Ms JR Red Lotto
+KR Ms America
+Mr. 3H X-Ray 825
+Mr H Red Rhino 765
+Miss 3-S Kelli 848
Dam: +Lady H Trisha Rojo 61/9
+Mr. HCC 10/0
+Lady H Jazz 281
Dream Girl "Jasmin" 132"

HK Triple R Ms 165

ABBA No. 915839

HK Triple R Ms 165 Red Brahman Donor
+BB Mr Sting-Ray 10/0
KC Apache 707/4
+JDH Lady Shelby Manso
Sire: TR Mighty Bruce
Mr KC Trademark 846/4
Ms Vernon Red 483/7
FCC Twist of Sting 483/3
Arrow J Millmarone 925
+Mr 3H X-Ray 825
+Miss 3H 290
Dam: HK Ms X-Ray 915
HK Visa Brasil
HK Ms Visa Brasil 527
HK Ms Passport 225