+Mr H Maddox Manso 684

Mr 4F Polled Texan 135/1

Sire: +Mr V8 279/2 (P)
Dam: Miss 4F Polled Victoria 23/7 (P)

ABBA No. 1035615

In the realm of National and International Champion Red and Gray Brahman Cattle at Heritage Cattle Company, we take pride in our global presence, with our cattle and genetics thriving in tropical regions marked by hot temperatures and variable rainfall conditions.

For breeders seeking a seamless management solution without compromising on quality, we present Mr 4F Polled Texas 135/1 (PP), a homozygous polled bull meticulously chosen to enhance the Heritage breeding experience. With a commitment to strategic planning and careful observation, we've identified this exceptional young herd sire as a key addition to our lineup.

In collaboration with the esteemed Louie Flores Family of 4F Cattle Company, we proudly offer a limited number of semen units from Mr 4F Polled Texas 135/1 (PP), all CSS tested for international export, including to Australia. This bull, with his homozygous polled status, provides breeders with the opportunity to raise Heritage quality Brahman cattle without the traditional management difficulties associated with dehorning.

For those looking to streamline labor while upholding the Heritage standard of excellence, we encourage you to give Mr 4F Polled Texas 135/1 (PP) a try. He not only embodies the superior genetics of Heritage Cattle Company but also promises to "knock your horns off" in delivering convenience without compromise.

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