Mr H Titus Manso 122/7 Gray Brahman Sire

Mr H Titus Manso 122/7

Sire: +JDH Mr Manso 854/4
Dam: +Lady H Principe Sweet Manso 757
ABBA No. 959616
Discover the hidden potential in every pedigree with Mr H Titus Manso 122/7 – The Secret Weapon! Initially kept low-key, Titus has emerged as a sire with unparalleled "sire power" evident in his offspring's pedigree, performance, and phenotype. Titus is a testament to excellence, boasting a lineage of two Register of Renown parents: +JDH Mr. Manso 854/4, a global champion sire, and +Lady H Principe Sweet Manso 757, a prolific producer of 48 offspring, including a Register of Renown Cow and National Champion Bull. Titus stands out as our most performance-oriented bull, exhibiting positive scores in 14 out of 16 measured traits. Notably, his -0.1 BW EPD is substantiated by the birth of 65-73 lbs. calves, and he holds a top 20% ranking for both Marling and Ribeye Area. Beyond statistics, Titus impresses with his stoutness, rib shape, muscle, and overall eye appeal, making him a compelling choice for breeders seeking the next "Big Deal." Unleash the genetic prowess of Titus in your herd – a true force to be reckoned with!

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