Mr H Vega Manso 301/2 Gray Brahman Sire
  • 2013 National Intermediate Champion
  • 2014 International Reserve Junior Champion
  • 2014 Grand Champion Ark-La-Miss Fair

Mr H Vega Manso 301/2

Dam: +Lady H Mariana Manso 812

ABBA No. 911185

Meet the unparalleled + Mr H Vega Manso 301/2, a true "closer" in the realm of Brahman genetics. When it comes to refining a topline, shortening a bull's sheath, or perfecting a heifer's navel, Vega is the game-changer you can rely on. In baseball, the closer is the pitcher who steps in during the 9th inning to secure the lead and seal the victory – and + Mr H Vega Manso 301/2 embodies this essence in the Brahman breeding arena.

Vega has the exceptional ability to transform an ordinary Brahman cow into a producer of good calves, elevating a good cow to the status of greatness. His impact resonates globally, having consistently delivered excellence for ranches worldwide. Notably, Vega 301/2 proudly claims the title of sire to the 2021 National Grand Champion bull, Mr Bar D MN Ghost Rider 120, as well as the esteemed show heifer Lady H Hayley Manso 378/0 and MN Ranch's champion heifer Lady MN Gypsy Manso 219.

Rooted in the pedigree of one of our long-time proven donors, +Lady H Mariana Manso 812, Vega 301/2 inherits a legacy of greatness. Not limited by coat color, Vega can produce gray with a gray cow and red with a red cow. When precision matters, + Mr H Vega Manso 301/2 is the closer you can trust to refine and elevate your breeding program to new heights.

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Bar D MN Ghost Rider