Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7 Gray Brahman Sire

+Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7

Sire: +Mr V8 960/5
Dam: +Miss Libertad Slugger 170/1
ABBA No. 959630

+Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7 stands as one of our most revered sires, celebrated not only for his impressive show ring accomplishments but, more significantly, for the exceptional quality of his offspring. A recipient of International and Reserve National Division Titles, Breaker's allure lies in the remarkable growth, bone structure, volume, and outcross pedigree that he brings to the breeding program.

Sired by the International Champion +Mr. V8 960/5, a bull we have bred with great success, Breaker inherits a lineage of proven excellence. The dam of + Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7, + Miss Libertad Slugger 170/1, a proven donor for both Heritage Cattle Company and Carlos Lee, is sired by the Vanguard Sire (+) JDH Sir Liberty Manso 847. + Miss Libertad Slugger 170/1 is a maternal granddaughter of the International Champion +Mr. V8 846/5 "The Rock" and the Maternal Merit Cow who is also the dam to (=) JJ Cuatro Didor 919/1. These powerful and proven genetics contribute to Breaker's positive traits in Growth and Carcass.

Beyond his impressive pedigree, Breaker's first progeny have not only excelled in the show ring, earning acclaim for us and our clients, but have also garnered positive reception in the marketplace. As the 2019 International Intermediate Champion and National Reserve Senior Champion, Breaker's accolades speak volumes about his impact in the Brahman breed.

With a bright future ahead and a popularity that foretells widespread use, +Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7 exemplifies the pinnacle of breeding excellence at Heritage Cattle Company. Breeders seeking to elevate their programs with a sire of unmatched quality and pedigree need look no further than the exceptional legacy embodied by Breaker.

  • 2019 International Intermediate Champion
  • 2019 National Reserve Senior Champion

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+Mr H Maddox Manso 684

Sire: +Mr V8 960/5

Miss Libertad Slugger 170/1

Dam: Miss Libertad Slugger 170/1


Mr H Breaker Manso 103/7 International Intermediate Champion Gray Brahman Bull
2019 International Intermediate Grand Champion Gray Brahman Bull
2019 National Reserve Senior Champion Mr H Breaker Manso 103-7
2019 National Reserve Senior Champion Gray Brahman Bull