JDH Mr Monroe Manso 416/8 Gray Brahman Sire

JDH Mr Monroe Manso 416

Sire: JDH Prophet Manso 424/7
Dam: JDH Lady Dianne Manso
ABBA No. 905899

Breeding Suggestion: Use Monroe 416/8 to instantly impact your cattle program.  I love the genetic lines of Monroe with the Lawford over Elliott combination.  Monroe sires offspring that are heavy muscled, straight toplines with excellent feet and leg structure.


Lady H Katherine Manso 341/0
2019 National Reserve Calf Champion Mr H Pride of Maddox Manso 684-8
Lady H Rebecca Manso 253/9

Proven Genetics

JDH Prophet Manso 424/7

Sire of JDH Mr Monroe Manso 416/8

JDH Lady Dianne Manso

Dam of JDH Mr Monoe Manso 416/8