ABBA No. 867462

Birth Date: January 2, 2007

Semen Available

Semen is currently available for purchase

Mr. 3X Torgson 68
+3X Torgsons Red Dynasty
DF Miss Red Hidalgo 191
Sire: +Mr 3X He's Got the Look
+HK Mr. America 61/9
Miss 3X Matriarch 75
DF Miss Red Hidalgo 191
+Mr. HCC 740/7
+Mr. HCC 16/0
+Ms L&A Millionaries 55
Dam: Miss Mariposa 108/5
(+)Mr. V8 777/2
Miss HCC 964/0
Lady Ward 7/67

Mr H Gusano de Mariposa has a pedigree containing many recognizable individuals from the Red Brahman breed.  This bull can be used to improve red pigmentation as well as to increase frame size and gentle dispositions.