Mr H Reno 200/0 Gray Brahman Sire

Mr H Reno Manso 200/0

Sire: Mr H Griffin Manso 627
Dam: +Lady H Lanel Manso 911/6
ABBA No. 898402

Elevate your breeding program to new heights with the exceptional Mr H Reno Manso 200/0 – a true embodiment of excellence and achievement. Renowned for his remarkable show career, Reno secured the titles of 2012 National Reserve Intermediate Champion, 2012 International Intermediate Champion, and the 2013 Grand Champion at the Rio Grande Valley. This distinguished bull is a perfect blend of pedigree, phenotype, and performance.

Born as a natural calf to the National Champion and Register of Renown Donor, +Lady H Lanel Manso 911/6, and sired by the highly performance-oriented Mr. H Griffin Manso 627, Reno's genetic foundation is nothing short of exceptional. His success extends beyond the show ring, as evidenced by his positive performance figures, charting in the top tier for 12 of the 16 measured traits.

Reno's influence has transcended borders, making an impact in Costa Rica and the USA. Notably, one of his first calves achieved the prestigious title of Reserve Grand Champion at the Louisiana Junior Brahman Association State Show. If you seek a bull that seamlessly combines pedigree prestige, powerful phenotype, and unparalleled performance, your search ends with Mr H Reno Manso 200/0 – where greatness is not just achieved, but inherited.

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