Mr H Oakley Manso 605/4

ABBA No. 931601
Birth Date: May 12, 2014
Semen Available
(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso
+JDH Charley's Jazz 946/1
+JDH Lady Manso 76/1
Sire: (+)JDH Atlas Manso 328/3
JDH Mr. Manso 627/8F
+JDH Lady Manso 251/9
JDH Miss Vanessa Manso
+JDH Mr. Manso 360/1
+Mr H Maddox Manso 684
+Lady Heritage Manso 173
Dam: Lady H Sydney Manso 942
JDH Sir Braxton Manso
+Lady Heritage Manso 91
=JDH Lady Winafred Manso

Mr H Oakley Manso 605/4 can increase length, capacity and muscling in his offspring as well as improve breed character.  In addition, Oakley breeds gray on gray and red on red.

  • 2015 Reserve Calf Champion San Antonio

  • 2015 National Intermediate Champion