+Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2

Dam: +Lady H Matilda Manso

ABBA No. 907467

Mr H Pride of Maddox Manso 684/8 Gray Brahman Sire
  • 2014 National Jr Show Grand Champion
  • 2014 National Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2015 International Grand Champion

+Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2 was a “star” from the time that he was born. Due to his attractive phenotype Elijah was recognized as the 2014 Reserve National Champion and 2015 International Champion. We have used Elijah successfully with his offspring being named as champions as well as topping our sales. Due to the show ring success of Elijah’s offspring, he reached the status of ABBA Register of Renown. Elijah is sired by +Mr H Maddox Manso 684, a bull who will go down in history as one of the breeds most influential sires. Elijah’s dam, +Lady H Matilda Manso 731, was a former show winner and Register of Renown donor that resulted from some of our foundation genetics. Although Elijah continues to be used around the world due to the quality of his calves, it has been found that his daughters are one of his strong suits. It should be noted that the 2021 ABBA Show Bull of the Year and many time champion Mr. Bar D MN Ghost Rider is out of an Elijah daughter. Elijah is not only a sire of champions and superior daughters, but he also ranks in the top ½ of the breed for ALL of the economically relevant traits of WW, YW, Milk, REA, and Marbling making him an ALL AROUND SIRE!

Top Breed Rankings:

  • 20% - Milking Ability
  • 20% - Scrotal Circumference
  • 1% - Yield Grade
  • 5% - Marbling
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Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2 International Grand Champion
2015 International Grand Champion Gray Brahman Bull


+Mr H Maddox Manso 684

Lady H Emma Manso 787/5


Lady H Kimble Manso 788/5


Lady H Lorena Manso  901/6


Mr H Reliant Manso 785/5


Lady H Claire Manso 56/8


Lady H Mary Claire Manso 302/9


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Lady H Caroline Manso 295/9

Proven Genetics

+Mr H Maddox Manso 684

+Mr H Maddox Manso 684

Sire of +Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2

+Lady H Adelyn Manso 55-9 Gray Brahman Donor

+Lady H Matilda Manso

Dam of +Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2