Mr H Pride of Maddox Manso 684/8 Gray Brahman Sire
  • 2014 National Jr Show Grand Champion
  • 2014 National Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2015 International Grand Champion

+Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2

Dam: +Lady H Matilda Manso

ABBA No. 907467

Embark on a legacy of excellence with +Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2, a true luminary from the moment he entered this world. Recognized as the 2014 Reserve National Champion and 2015 International Champion, Elijah's striking phenotype set him apart. His offspring, marked by championship titles and top-selling performances, propelled him to the prestigious status of ABBA Register of Renown.

Sired by the influential +Mr H Maddox Manso 684, a breed stalwart, and born to +Lady H Matilda Manso 731, a former show winner and Register of Renown donor rooted in our foundational genetics, Elijah is a testament to the power of heritage. While Elijah's global impact is evident in the quality of his calves, it's noteworthy that his daughters stand out as a particular strength.

Notably, the 2021 ABBA Show Bull of the Year and multi-time champion, Mr. Bar D MN Ghost Rider, is a testament to Elijah's legacy, being born from an Elijah daughter. Elijah is not just a sire of champions and exceptional daughters; he ranks in the top ½ of the breed for ALL economically relevant traits, including WW, YW, Milk, REA, and Marbling. With top breed rankings in Milking Ability, Scrotal Circumference, Yield Grade, and Marbling, +Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2 stands as the epitome of an all-around sire, shaping the future of superior Brahman genetics

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Mr H Elijah Manso 281/2 International Grand Champion
2015 International Grand Champion Gray Brahman Bull